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Which DMR Mobile Radio Will you Choose?

Which DMR Mobile Radio Will you Choose?

Mobile radio refers to wireless communications systems and devices which are based on radio frequencies(using commonly UHF or VHF frequencies), and where the path of communications is movable on either end. When you are considering to buy a DMR ham radio for your car, I think the first choice should be a mobile radio. For our Retevis brand mobile ham radio, here have 3 choices, Retevis RT95 is an analog ham mobile radio, but Retevis RT90 and Retevis RT73 are DMR ham mobile radio. Today, let us talk about the difference between RT90 and RT73. 

RT73 RT90
Frequnecy range UHF:400-480MHz
Mode Digital / Analog Digital / Analog
Band  Dual band / VFO  Dual Band / VFO 
Power H:20W  L:5W  L:25W H:50W (VHF)
L:25W H:45W (UHF)
Channel 4000 3000
Rated Voltage DC 13.8V  DC 13.8V

Support talkgroups 20,000 talk groups 10,000 talk groups
Screen 1.77inch LCD Display Color LCD  Display
Brightness Adjust Adjustment screen brightness No 
Digital vocoder type

Record  built-in record functio.
can record 200hours 
need to update record firmware.
Digital contacts 200,000 DMR Contacts 120,000 DMR Contacts
Emergency  4 Kinds of alram type 4 Kinds of alram type
TimeSlot True time slot, DCDM True time slot, DCDM
Encryption YES YES
Roaming Yes NO
GPS Built-in GPS, comes with external GPS antenna Built-in GPS 
APRS Support Digital APRS via Brandmeister Serve, and Analog APRS Support Digital APRS via Brandmeister Serve,No ananlog APRS
Scan  3 scan modes 3 scan modes
Mic Gain Yes Yes
Group Match (Promiscuous ) “Promiscuous” on RT73 Group Match on RT90
Size  121.5*65.5*42.5mm 143*50*175 mm
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Affordable price is an important thing you need to consider when choosing a DMR ham mobile radio. 

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