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What's the Mulan DX Club?

What's the Mulan DX Club?

About Mulan DX Club.

The Mulan DX Club was born in 2009 as an online community, gathering the top Chinese DX chasers and a bunch of enthusiastic contesters. It was named after the ancient hunting fields of the Qing dynasty for the emperor and his royal family. Amateur radio sometimes is just like hunting and fishing, especially the DX part of the hobby. You get up early in the morning and stay deep into the night waiting for a weak signal which may never come through. However, by hard working and persistency, a DXer shares the same joy of a fish man carrying his new catch.

Join the Mulan DX Club condition.

QSO DXCC quantity is more than 150, Confirmed quantity is more than 100.

QRP QSO DXCC quantity is more than 100, Confirmed quantity is more than 60.


WAPC---Mulan DXC Worked all Province (WAPC) in China Contest. It is an international amateur radio competition organized by Mulan DX Club, a Chinese amateur radio club, since 2012.

Competition Purpose.

1. In order to stimulate the passion of the domestic hams competition, let the domestic hams from participating in our own competition, more go out, more participate in the international amateur radio competition. By participating in all kinds of competitions, the operation level of hams in China can be improved and further explored, so as to achieve the further development of amateur radio activities in China and the goal of creating value for the society.

2. To let foreign hams know more about China. China has 31 provinces and autonomous regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. This is obvious to Chinese, but not to foreign hams. Therefore, through the WAPC competition, foreign hams can better understand China, know China and play an unconscious propaganda role in foreign countries through them.

Competition Date.

The third Saturday in April per year. From 06:00 UTC on Saturday to 05:59 UTC on Sunday, total 24 hours.

Competition frequency band and mode.

80m(3.5MHz), 40m(7MHz), 20m(14MHz), 15m(21MHz), 10m(28MHz) five amateur radio band. CW, SSB and mixed mode.

Up to April 2019, WAPC has been held for 8 consecutive sessions. Every year, the number of domestic and foreign hams increases year by year, especially domestic hams. In these two years, the enthusiasm for participating in the competition is high and the expected goal is achieved. I hope the WAPC competition can be better held and developed in the future.

WAPC Award.

The WAPC award is an award to encourage hams at home and abroad to communicate with their counterparts in China's provinces, municipalities directly under the central government, autonomous regions and special administrative regions to learn more about China. The WAPC award can be earned in a long run or in a one-time WAPC competition.

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