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What is dipole antenna?

What is dipole antenna?

Dipole antenna is the earliest, most widely, and the most commonly used simplest antenna in short wave. The horizontal antennas, forward and inverted V antennas, diagonal-pull dipole antennas, and trap antennas are all the dipole antennas. 

What parts make up the dipole antenna?

The dipole antenna has two poles, that a pair of symmetrically placed vibrators, and the two ends of the vibrator that are close to each other are respectively connected to the feeder.

According to the regular pattern of compatibility between frequency and wavelength, the length of the vibrator is preferably an odd multiple of 1/2 wavelength at the resonant frequency, so as to achieve the ideal working state where there are only stationary waves on the antenna and only travelling waves on the feeder. The most common is a half-wave antenna, that is, the total length is approximately half of the wavelength.

What's the radiation principle of dipole antenna?

The radiation direction of the dipole antenna is perpendicular to the direction of the oscillator, that is, when the antenna is erected from north to south, its radiation direction is east-west. Therefore, the radiation pattern of a half-wave dipole antenna is at most perpendicular to the conductor and drops to zero in the axial direction. so if installed vertically, an omnidirectional antenna is achieved; if installed horizontally, a (more common) weak direction antenna.

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