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What Does A Radio Repeater Offer?

What Does A Radio Repeater Offer?

In general, radio waves travel in straight lines. They can go around and through things but this can drastically affect the strength and clarity of the signal. This causes problems when you’re operating a radio system in a built-up, hilly, or mountainous area. 

How to extend the radio range?

We may think of the repeater at this point. 

Portable-Repeater-RT97Retevis RT97 Portable Repeater

Simply put, a radio repeater takes a poor, weak, or ineffective radio signal and amplifies it as well as rebroadcasts it. This increases the overall range of your two-way radio.

Even with superior conditions most two-way radios only reach so far in the distance before a repeater is needed. A repeater system is located at a higher elevation, this device receives and re-transmits signals using a higher power so that it will reach its intended destination. Emergency personal, police departments, commercial businesses, and ambulance services all use repeaters to ensure important messages are transmitted and received. If you live in a region surrounded by high mountains or tall buildings a repeater is incredibly useful.

RepeaterRepeaters are built using two different frequencies that seamlessly come together.

One frequency transmits the message and the other receives it. In order to use a repeater system, you will need to connect your radio so that it is set to transmit the repeater’s output frequency as well as enable the radio’s offset mode. As a result, the radio transmits on the repeater’s input frequency and reverts to the repeater’s output frequency when the radio is not used for transmitting.

Radio repeater systems are widely used by commercial businesses that operate over large or built-up areas. They are also used on large sites such as a warehouse or hotel as this type of building can be difficult to cover due to its structure.

Retevis has some repeater models. If you want to learn more about repeaters, feel free to contact us.

RT97 Portable Repeater Power Amplifier UHF

repeterPortable Backpack Digital Radio Repeater RT93

RT93-RepeaterRetevis RT94 Waterproof Analog DMR LTE mobile Repeater

RT94-RepeaterIP Networking DMR Digital /Analogue Repeater Retevis RT92

RT92-RepeaterRetevis RT74 Single Frequency Repeater


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