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What's the Spring antenna

What's the Spring antenna

The spring antenna is also called the helical inductive antenna, which is a kind of helical antenna. It can radiate and receive radio waves. when transmitting, it can convert high-frequency current into electromagnetic waves; when receiving, it can convert electromagnetic waves into the high-frequency current. So it plays a very important role in radio communication.

Compared with other antennas, spring antennas are relatively low in cost, small in size, easy to install, have good standing wave ratio performance, and have good anti-vibration and anti-aging capabilities. Therefore, spring antennas are more and more widely used. But when using a spring antenna, many people will find that the nominal frequency of the antenna they buy is the same as their product needs, but the performance in actual use is very poor. Why is this?

That's because spring antennas are not directly usable by purchasing existing products. The choice of spring antenna needs to be matched and debugged or customized design. We need to weld after purchase. If the welding position is different, the actual resonant frequency of the antenna is also different. so it may not be the nominal value. This reflects the importance of antenna quality control and welding consistency control. Only by doing so can the spring antenna reach a good communication distance.

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