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What's explosion-proof walkie-talkies?

What's explosion-proof walkie-talkies?

From the use environment, walkie-talkies are classified into explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof walkie-talkies. 

What're explosion-proof walkie-talkies?

Explosion-proof walkie-talkies are radios that have been approved to operate in explosive gas environment.


Explosion-proof walkie-talkies do not mean walkie-talkies that can resist explosions themselves, but rather walkie-talkies that can work in explosive gas environments.

When and where need to use explosion-proof walkie-talkies?

Applicable to the environment with harsh environment, dangerous flammable gas or dust, but in order to ensure normal work and improve work efficiency, it is still necessary to use a walkie-talkie as a necessary communication tool. Such as petrochemical, coal mine, chemical, thermal power, food processing, other industries, and so on.

explosive gas environment-Retevis RT56.jpg

What is the difference between Explosion-Proof and Ordinary Walkie-Talkie?

The appearance of explosion-proof walkie-talkies is not different from that of ordinary walkie-talkies, but the materials and physical characteristics used are very different from ordinary models. So if the cover of explosion-proof walkie-talkies is broken, don't use them in a dangerous atmosphere, otherwise it may cause explosion or fire.

How to select Explosion-Proof walkie-talkies?

First, we need to select the walkie talkie that passed explosion-proof certification test with explosion-proof mark.

Then in reference to explosion-proof mark, you can select that meets requirement. For example Retevis RT56, its explosion-proof mark is Ex ib IIB T4 Gb.

Explosion-proof Mark-Retevis RT56.jpg

Ex- Explosion-proof

ibLimit the energy of the ignition source

IIB- Minimum current ratio≤0.8, >0.45, such as Ethylene

T4- maximum surface temperature 135℃

Gb- Equipment protection level

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