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What's an affordable shortwave station for beginners?

What's an affordable shortwave station for beginners?

Ailunce HS2 using software-defined radio SDR technology. Radio performance and functions are packaged in a compact and lightweight portable size. Whether you are taking your hobby to outdoor, or some other" on the air" location, the Ailunce HS2 is an eye-catching rig.

Output Power:

HF+6M: SSB(1~20W), CW(0.1~20W),  FM(0.1~20W),  AM(1~5W).

VHF: SSB/CW/FM(0.5~5W)

UHF: SSB/CW/FM(0.5~5W)

All Mode Radio

From HF to 50/144/430 MHz, enjoy a variety of bands in SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM modes.  Receive frequency from 300K to 1.6 GHZ. You can enjoy FM broadcast and air band reception. 

Transmit Frequency:

1.800—2.000,          3.500—3.900,

5.351.5—5.366.5,       7.000— 7.200,

10.100—10.150,        14.000—14.350,

18.068— 18.168,        21—21.450,

24.890—24.990,         28—29.7 ,

50—54,  144—146,      430—440MHZ.

Bluetooth APP-Ham Box and Ethernet LAN Port

Ham Box App can be used for smartphone bluetooth linking,Bluetooth Speaker and Ethernet Port can be used for remote control, and firmware upgrade.  

Additional Features:

Built-in 160-6 meters high-speed automatic antenna tuner. 

Built-in sound card with IQ and audio output.

Built-in FLASH memory.

USB TYPEC3.1 interface for power supply and computer connection. 

Optional Module: 

Built-in GPS / BeiDou  


Electronic compass

Cable Hand Mic

To sum up, If you are a beginner at a shortwave station, Ailunce HS2 is the best choice for you.  Order Link. 

If you have any questions, please email to info@ailunce.com


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Vidar Lillehagen

When will the next SW update be avaiable to implement Bluetooth and WIFI possibilities ?

Comment author


we are doing it, please follow our website, we will release it when available.

Comment user


I guess you left out the rechargeable battery to make room for the other features. I hope the micro usb port is a better construction the the other mcHF clones on the market. Is the instruction for using digital modes through the mic input/ouput ports instead od using the micro usb?

Comment user

Wim van der Zwan

Nice radio and will order the radio in the future, Nice all bands radio, HF, VHF and UHF. Please implement the 4 m band in the radio and you have a Unique radio. Good price and can wait that the radio in production. Best 73, Wim PA2AM

Comment user


Is this a 20W or a 30W radio ? in the manual it shows only 20W for the HF bands but here in the derscription it's 30W ...

Comment author



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Roger Gant

Big blabla.. We order and pay this Model in March 2020 . But nothing.. We wait and wait,,now its July and nothing.. we see..

Comment author

Yolanda Author

Shipping will start recently step. First in -first out progress! thanks for your support.

Comment user

Erlend Grimseid

Hi. Is the 60m band expandable? Here in LA (Norway) we have access to a rather large band. From 5260 to 5410.

Comment author

Yolanda Author

if the frequency band is legal in your country, we can make it support this frequency. Please use legally.73!

Comment user


To implement the 4m band would turn the HS2 into something unique, IOS-remote (iPhone or iPad) please, and a tuning knob is unavoidable (human-machine Interface at it‘s best). In form of a mouse-wheel would be alright. Was it forgotten? ;-( The one antenna connector shows not much of Ham-radio practice of the constructor‘s side..... right?! The first I will exchange after delivery! Better N for the whole range

Comment user

Jose Gutierrez Garcia

Hello, what computer does it serve to connect to the PC the Yaesu 817? The fart all the modules, To operate digital as it is done. Thanks a lot. Josep EA3EZD

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