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What's POTA?

What's POTA?

POTA is short for Parks on the Air. It is a radio outdoor communication activity initiated by American Hams.

Since 2016, ARRL holds POTA QSO events every year, called NPOTA (short for National Parks on the Air). In order to recommend amateur radio to the public, they set up many repeaters in designated national parks. The activity frequency bands include HF/UHF/VHF, etc., and the communication modes include voice, digital, CW, SSTV, etc. If you enjoy outdoor communication, you can participate in this activity by querying the NPOTA park map on Google Maps under the conditions of the operating permit. Through the activity, you can accumulate fractions, and after the fractions reach the standard, you can also get a medal issued by ARRL.

In addition to POTA, there is also SOTA (short for Summits on the Air), which is translated as Gaoshan Tonglian, which is also a radio communication activity that hams like very much. They think this outdoor radio connection is very cool because it can not only operate the favorite radio but also do sport. When making the QSO, they can study how to use these outdoor portable operations to attract young hams who love outdoor sports. For extreme outdoor enthusiasts, they can also study the usefulness of communication in mines where there is no mobile phone signal.

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