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What's OTAP Radio?

What's OTAP Radio?

OTAP is short for Over-The-Air Programming. OTAP radio doesn't need to use the programming cable to connect the walkie-talkie with the terminal (computer or mobile phone), and remotely program the walkie-talkie through the network or base station.

At present, there are two main types of application scenarios for OTAP. First, there is no need to use the programming cable to connect to the walkie-talkie, and directly program the walkie-talkie which has been bound to the terminal; second, use the programming cable to connect to one walkie-talkie in the same network to achieve a unified program other walkie-talkies in multiple scattered.

OTAP is especially suitable for occasions with a large number of users and very scattered users. It's a very heavy workload and a very difficult task to recycle the original walkie-talkie, program again, and then issuing. such as emergency rescue and disaster relief, emergency team assembly, and so on.

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