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Two-way radio floating function

Two-way radio floating function

Definition of floating

Stay on the surface of the fluid or suspend in the fluid.

Definition of floating function

After the walkie-talkie falls into the water, the fuselage floats on the surface and does not sink into the water.

Application range of floating function

The floating function may be applied to long-term or frequent working in the water environment and with high-grade waterproof function. (IPX7)

(The maritime / marine walkie-talkie float function is standard).

Purpose of the floating function

All walkie-talkies with floating function are waterproof,

After falling into the water, it will not cause water damage;

After the radio falls into the water, it can float on the water surface, which will be convenient to salvage and continue to be reused;

Without this function, the radio will sink into the water/seafloor after falling into the water and No trace.

Conditions for floating action

The overall density of the radio should be less than the density of water;

If the water is shallow and cannot float, this function is meaningless at this time;

If the water is deep and the radio is in a deep position (at least more than 1 meter), then this function will also be ineffective for two reasons:

First of all, the waterproof level is not allowed. At this time, the radio will not be waterproof. At present, the highest waterproof level is IP67, radio can soak into the 1-meter water for half an hour.

Secondly, at this time, sufficient pressure in the water will squeeze the radio and it will not be waterproof.

Floating inspection standard

There is no inspection standard for floating, that is, after falling into the water whether the radio has floated up or not to make a judgment.

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