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What accessories do you think are very helpful in your amateur radio journey? 

What accessories do you think are very helpful in your amateur radio journey? 

do you find some thing very helpful in your amateur radio journey? I think below 4 accessories should be very helpful in your ham radio journey. 

1.Spare battery

When you buy your handheld radio, a battery is usually included, but if you want to use the handheld for a long time, the battery will be exhausted quickly, so the spare battery is very useful, especially if you voluntarily participate in public communication rescue activities such as , The spare battery will help you a lot.

2. Antenna
The antenna that comes with the package on the radio is designed to operate with the two way radio, but when in actual use, it will always encounter some restrictions on the communication range, signal quality, etc. The better way is to replace an antenna, there are many Types of antennas are available, such as extended antennas, folded antennas, and higher power antennas.

3. Hand microphone
Many enthusiasts like to bring walkie-talkies when they go out, and they all like to hang them on their belts. It is inconvenient to bring them when they are urgently needed. You can consider an external microphone.
First, you can hang the walkie-talkie on the waist belt, and the microphone can be hung in the front, which can better listen to incoming calls.
Second, sometimes in order to obtain a better signal, to make the call farther, you will raise your hands high, raise the device with one hand, and talk with the microphone in the other.

4. Antenna connector cable
Sometimes in order to improve the antenna performance of the walkie-talkie, many amateurs will connect the ham radio to an external antenna, such as a car antenna. At this time, you need to use such a SMA to SO239 antenna cable.

What others ham radio accessories do you think is very helpful in your amateur radio journey? 

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