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Who Said that Ham Can not be a Craftsman?

Who Said that Ham Can not be a Craftsman?

The 2019 QST opto-code key contest has ended, and the results show that the amateur radio community of murderers and craftsmen abound. There were many works submitted in this competition. The judges gathered at the end of July to evaluate the contestants' works.

The game requires the participants to design the Morse key and key body into four categories: flat key, semi-automatic key, automatic key, and sweep key. Each entry is a piece of mechanical art, but in the end, only four people can win, based on the originality of the design, the ergonomics of the operation and the overall craftsmanship. I think all the designs are great. Here I will show you some.

Flat key: Ron Spooner, W6FIF


Semi-automatic key: Gary Johnson, NA6O


Automatic key: Juergen Malner, NV1Q


Sweep key: Stan Levandowski, WB2LQF


Do you like the design? Hope we can see more wonderful design in the future.


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Juergen Malner

Unfortunately, the ARRL did not publish any of the specifics of each winners' design. Click on this link and you will find all the documentation on the "Opto-Keyer" (not Automatic Key) that I had submitted for the contest: Juergen, NV1Q http://www.hcra.org/opto-keyer/

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Yolanda Author

thank you for the most accurate information.

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