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The Difference between Battery Eliminator and Chargers

The Difference between Battery Eliminator and Chargers

Today get a questions asked the difference between battery eliminator and chargers. First of all, battery eliminator literally means borrowing electricity from others.  A charger is a device that charges other electrical appliances.

A battery eliminator is a device that provides backup power for a device that is normally powered by batteries, such as a walkie-talkie. Borrowed appliances can replace batteries in walkie-talkies and other portable devices.
One disadvantage of battery eliminator is that they often reduce portability. If the walkie-talkie uses the battery eliminator, once the battery eliminator is disconnected, the walkie-talkie is in a state of no power.

Most chargers come with a cradle charger, the battery of which is electrically connected to the electrical shock of the charger base.

The charger is powered by an AC power adapter and can be plugged into a 110 AC power outlet. According to the battery capacity, the charger can quickly complete the power supply within a certain period of time. Generally, the charger base has a small LED light, which lights up red when charging, and lights up green when fully charged.

There is also a six-way charger, multiple charging bases form a combined charger. The working principle is the same as that of a separate charger, which can charge 6 walkie-talkies at the same time. Generally, commercial walkie-talkies use this kind of charger.

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