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Text messaging on two way radios

Text messaging on two way radios

One of the most useful features of modern digital two way radios is text messaging. This capability allows users to send texts via keypads on their radios and read them on their LCD displays. Here I will take Ailunce HD1 as an example.

Why would you need to send a text message when you can simply speak over the two way radio? 

  • Noisy environments where voice communications can't be easily heard.

  • Needing to share sensitive information discreetly.

  • It's less distracting than a voice conversation – important if the recipient shouldn’t lose focus on their current task.

  • It's less intrusive in resort or hospitality locations where a squawking radio might disturb guests.


Convenient, pre-programmed text messages for more basic digital radios

In a busy shopping centre, for example, staff radios might send automated messages alerting supervisors or security staff to unattended packages, spillages or lost children.

Or in a hotel, a pre-recorded text message might summon a porter, housekeeping staff or maintenance to reception.

From notifying key personnel about delivery arrivals, to group messages designating a meeting point, you can see that even basic digital radios can often be used to send simple messages for instant communication.

Ailunce HD1 allows you to save up to 50 messages.

HD1 Message.jpg

Who can receive text messages from a two way radio?

Most DMR radios can send messages to each others. Such as Ailunce HD1, Retevis RT3, RT8, RT3S, RT90, RT52 etc. If you are not sure if they can send messages to each others. Please ask the seller before.

Is it difficult to send a text message from a two way radio? 

If text messaging will be used a great deal by your team, it’s worth setting some time aside to make sure everyone is confident in its use. Todays’ radios have so many different features, a little guidance will help you get the very most out of it.

Ailunce is always on hand on offer customers expert advice and help if required. Contact us if you’d like more information about radios with text messaging capability.

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