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Why do you need a desktop microphone for your walkie-talkie?

With the popularity of radio, many hams built their radio rooms. In addition to basic equipment such as radio and power supply, we found that they always like to purchase desktop microphones. Do you know why they have to buy a desktop microphone when owning a handheld microphone?  ...

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Upgrade 6-core Finger PTT MIC Hands-free Microphone

When using Walkie-talkie in the car, drivers often talkback when driving (one hand put on the Steering wheel, the second hand take the microphone), which is rather dangerous in a car traveling at high speed and shift the way. Because of this situation, please use hands-free microphone.  ...

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How to choose the microphone of Ailunce HD1

How to choose the microphone for Ailunce HD1  ...

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The first desktop microphone of Ailunce named Ailunce SM01 is coming

The first desktop microphone of Ailunce named Ailunce SM01 is coming. there are four types of connectors to select, including GP328PLUS, Kenwood 2-pin, RJ45,8 PIN ROUND connectors, and they can work for Ailunce HD1, Retevis RT3S/ RT22/RT21/RT617, Retevis RT73/RT95, and Icom IC-7300.  ...

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What functions do you need for your desktop microphone

The desktop microphone is one of the commonly used devices in the Ham Room. However, there are many desktop microphones on the market, with various functions. The following are some features we sorted out. What features do you need?  ...

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What kind of microphone is suitable for the mobile radio

Some customers think that the current standard configuration is full-button microphones, and should be equipped with non-button microphones, but other customers feedback that they need more functions for their mic of mobie radio, such as adding side buttons, so that customers can customize the function of the side buttons like a handheld station.  ...

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