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Retevis HA02 28 inch Foldable Antenna is Coming

Retevis HA02 28 inch Foldable Antenna is Coming

When we buy the radios, there is an original antenna with the radio. For most of part, it already meet our needs. But sometimes we want to try with other antennas. Maybe they have more good effection, or the antenna is shorter, longer than original. Here I will show you a new antenna of Retevis. It is longer and has good effection.

Retevis foldable antenna, HA02, it is 28inch. I think it is a good choice. 

hd02 antenna ailunce.png

The default connector is SMA-F, can use for the follow models. 

Ailunce: HD1.

Retevis: RT52, RT83, RT84, RT5R, RT80, RT29, RT1.

Kenwood: TK-3107, TK-2107.

Baofeng: UV-5R, UV-82, DM-5RPlus

Anytone: AT-878UV 

Note: If you need other connector, leave messages or email to us.


Length: 72cm/28in

Frequency: 144&430

Gain: 5.0dBi

SWR: <1.5

Polarization: Vertical

Interface: SMA-F

Max.: 20W

Impedance: 50

Weight: 125g

HA02-Antenna-Ailunce-1 (2).jpg

If you need more information, feel free leave message to us.

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