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Radio amateurs test communications for the impact of a meteorite

Radio amateurs test communications for the impact of a meteorite

The Spanish Radio Amateur Union URE has the EMCOM department to deal with emergency situations.

Ceuta radio amateurs participated last Sunday in an emergency drill so that, in the event of any eventuality of this nature, the group is prepared to face the contingency.

Its association, the Spanish Amateur Radio Union (URE), has a department called EMCOM and whose objective is to maintain communications through the radio in emergency situations.

The exercise carried out this Sunday was the simulation of the impact of a meteorite in the center of the Iberian Peninsula and, the areas without energy supply due to the catastrophe, received the help of the radio amateurs.

Within this assumption, the asteroid left the Canary Islands incommunicado since the main communication nodes had also been affected and, therefore, could not establish contact with family, friends or institutions.

Through the frequency assigned to EMCOM, the Ceuta team has controlled the emergency network and a multitude of radio amateurs, not only peninsular, but also from Europe, have been present.


In short, with this activity, the group intends to strengthen this communications system. Participants have had to comply with rules of participation to act in the drill.

In this case, wave lovers have recreated how to act in the face of a threat from outer space, but just as important is to guarantee communications in the face of the devastating power of nature, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, which are more familiar. to the ordinary citizen. As the president of the Ceuta Radio Amateur Union (URCE) points out, radio amateurs are the only ones who can give assistance when communications fail.

The URCE collaborates with the authorities in providing coverage and support in communications when the situation requires it, especially in the field of Civil Protection.

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