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For radio amateurs all around the world, social distancing is not a problem. The radio wave can transmit to everwhere through the air, covering all borders near and far. Amateur radio operators are known for their communication skills during happy days, but also in times of crisis.

Now even if hams are confined to their homes, they are encouraged to communicate to improve their friendships and keep their minds and skills sharp for global messaging when needed.


DATE: 06-07 June 2020


Purpose of the event:

Bring together this global group of some 3 million radio amateurs, greet each other, and enhance your sense of global team. The format of this event is similar to that used in its competitive events, and the best efforts are also recognized with an appropriate award program. 

The sponsor of the STAYHOME radio campaign is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Pekka Haavisto. The Finnish League of Radio Amateurs (SRAL) in cooperation with Araucaria DX Group (ADXG) of Brazil and Radio Arcala, OH8X of Finland cordially invite you to join them in a global special event with their STAYHOME campaign to made QSOs with amateur radio operators all over the world. Operations taken place between 06-07 June, 2020, 10.00 UTC Saturday - 09.59 UTC Sunday. 


80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters


CW, SSB, DIGITAL (FT4 / FT8 only)

Station Categories:

1) STAYHOME stations. The suffix must be STAYHOME.

2) NO STAYHOME stations: All other stations with their usual callsign.

Operator categories and mode:

1) Single operator, both in the STAYHOME and NO-STAYHOME categories.

A: single mode CW, or SSB, or digital

B: CW / SSB / Digital multiple mode

Suggested call:

Use CQ STAYHOME (SSB) and TEST SH (CW) because there are other concurrent contests.


59 (9) and the AGE (years) of the operator. Ladies may use 00.

If it doesn't mean your age, use 99.

QSO Assistance: 

DX-Cluster and Reverse Beacon Network are allowed.

Self-spitting is not allowed. Remotely operated stations are allowed.

Standard for evaluation:

1) STAYHOME STATIONS: The total number of valid contacts.

2) NO STAYHOME STATIONS: Each valid QSO awards 1 point.

The stations can be worked once in each mode and band = maximum 15 QSO.

There are two types of multipliers:

a) Number of DXCC countries worked, regardless of band and mode.

b) Number of different STAYHOME call signs worked, regardless of band and mode.

Registration format: 

Date, UTC time, band, messages sent and received.

Cabrillo is preferred, but ADIF files are also accepted.

FT8 generated ADIF files are acceptable.

Registration instructions:

The age of the operator must be included in both messages sent and received, eg. 599 73. Verify that your transmitted message (with age) has also entered your record. If not, add your age on SOAPBOX or in the log comments.

*) Records received without age received are welcome and count as supporting records.

Registration software: 

The only contest that uses age is the All Asian contest and can also be used here. In Win-test, All Asian accepts both modes (CW / SSB)

You can use any other software where age can be included in messages.

For example, the CQ WW DX Contest format can be used, replacing the zone number with age. Records sent for three modes can be separated. Skip the score (see below).

If your program adds a leading zero to your age, that's fine.

Score calculation:

Since none of the existing programs can annotate the records, let the organizers do it.

Submission of records: 

Send your registration to covidlog@sral.fi The deadline is 7 days after the end of the contest.

The awards:

STAYHOME stations that perform more than 1000 QSOs will receive an online certificate (all operators). The best NO-STAYHOME scores on each continent receive a plaque.

The top 30 multimode scores, the top 5 unique mode scores in each mode, and the top 3 scores for each continent will receive an online certificate. This same group of sixty (60) scores will participate in the grand prize lottery.


Questions and Comments: 

Contact Ville, OH2MM / PY2ZEA email: py2zea@gmail.com

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