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How to update Ailunce HD1 date and time

How to update Ailunce HD1 date and time

Ailunce HD1 is a dual-band DMR radio, which can be adjusted to single-standby with time information display to press the #LOCK key. But the radio doesn't have automatic network calibration, so how to adjust the date and time of Ailunce HD1?

Ailunce HD1 Time disply.jpg

There are two methods to adjust the date and time of Ailunce HD1, one is to check the item in the software, and the other is to directly modify it on the radio through the keys.

Update the time in the software

Open the special software of Ailunce HD1 , as shown in the picture as below, select "Update the radio System Time" to "YES", and then click "Write". Then after normal writing frequency proce is completed and the time is updated simultaneously, which is very convenient and fast.

Update system time-Ailunce.jpg

Adjust the time on the radio

Turn on the Ailunce HD1 normally, and then press Menu => Main Set => Time, the radio will display the following time adjustment interface.

Time disply-Ailunce HD1.jpg

Then you can use the up and down keys to adjust the specific digital date. After adjusting the number of year, please use the * SCAN key to jump to the month and other times for adjustment.
Advantages: no computer is required, it can be done directly on the intercom.
Disadvantages: It is not possible to directly input the time. When the actual time differs greatly from the display time, adjustment is more troublesome.

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