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How to use 2 different DMR radios on one hotspot?

How to use 2 different DMR radios on one hotspot?

Recently, I learned that two different DMR radios (means two different DMR IDs) can use on one hotspot. 

I will share experience this with you. 

Firstly, need to go to your pistar configuration page-- General configuration. 

Set the node type to Public.


Then if you go out only take a hotspot, your friends also can connect to your hotspot.  Radio ID set to his own DMR ID. Need to set the same frequnecy, color code. Not only can receive signals, also can TX on the air. 

But If the Node Type set to Private. 

The TX radio DMR ID should be same with the ID which set in the pistar. Other radios only can receive, but cant Transmit. 


By the way, no matter the hotspot Node type is private or Public. if two radios (different DMR Ids) are same frequency, color code, contacts. they both can receive all the singals from the active Talkgroups. 


 Ailunce HD1Duplex HotspotRetevis RT82

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