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How to send text message on Ailunce HD1

How to send text message on Ailunce HD1

Customer question:

Hello, I have some questions about Ailunce HD1. First, How I can use the HD1 Message Function? I tried to send a Message to a Friend: Menu->Message->Write. Then wrote the message. Then Confirm->Send->Manual Dial and wrote the RadioID of my friend. The RTX start to send, then return ad error message "Impossible to Send". What is the correct procedure?   

On Ailunce HD1, there have two methods to send a private message.  

1. You two are in group communication.   You can send text message manual dial your friend's DMR ID.  See below pictures:




2. Directly send private message. The working principle is the same with a private call.  Firstly, save each other ID to your priority contact. 





As above operations, we can know that if send the message successfully, should make sure they can communicate with each other. 


Comment user

It is a problem of the equipment, it receives, but it does not send SMS correctly, with other equipment I have no problem, I have done the test and I have no problem, it is Ailunce's problem

Comment author

Yolanda Author

hello, can you show me more details about the SMS issue. you can email to hams@ailunce.com. thanks

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Hi Yolanda, my ailunce hd1 works great but when I send message their radio lights up from me but they say no message is their, do I need to update the radio I never have it’s still. V1.4.5 gps does that matter

Comment author

Yolanda Author

hello, you can have to try to upgrade the firmware.

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