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How to Make Parrot on HD1

How to Make Parrot on HD1

What is Parrot?

Application for doing an echo test through a private call to ID 9990. The recorded voice (max 90 seconds by default, configured will be played back to the user. 

What do you need?

  1. Get an Ailunce HD1.

  2. If you are far away from your local DMR repeater. You can get a Hotspot at home. 

How to do?

  1. Set your DMR information in pistar.Some professional Amateurs, they are very familiar with this. But for DMR beginners. You need first to set some basic configurations about your own DMR callsign, and ID in pistar.  

Below picture shows my information. 


  2. Set information on the radio.

     a. Write down your DMR ID in ID setting. 

Hd1 ID setting.jpg

  b. Creat a private Priority Contact. Named it Parrot, Call ID is 9990. 

HD1 parrot ID 9990.jpg

c. Create a digital channel named it Echo Test.  

HD1 echo test channel.jpg

After finish all the settings above, you can begin an echo test on HD1.  

Any future question, please email to info@ailunce.com.


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hola, he configurado el parrot(730997 call private ,cc1 slot2) en mi ailunce hd1 sin complicaciones y funciona a la prefección, pero no he logrado configurar el parrot en mi retevis rt90, no sé cuál es el problema con el rt90, si me puedes ayudar se agradecería.73

Comment author

Yolanda Author

you can email us, how did you set the RT90. info@ailunce.com

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my HD1 will not receive parrot. I programmed ti two times before and it received parrot but stopped after I changed the program each time. All I did was try to add sites to the address section. I don't believe I changed anything else. I'm at a loss.

Comment author

Yolanda Author

hello, thanks for your message, please email your setting of HD1 to info@ailunce.com

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