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What to Do When 8020 Error Message Occurs While Programming

What to Do When 8020 Error Message Occurs While Programming

When we program the HD1 on computer, it shows 8020 error message, what should we do?

8020 error message always means the driver is not installed well. You need to reinstall the driver.

8020 error message-ailunce.jpg

Here I will show you how to solve it. Take an example with window 64bit 

1. Get into the device manager.


2. In the device manager, find the Ports (COM&LPT), Select the COM of the programing cable, Press the right key of mouse, click the "Uninsatll device". 


3. Selected the"Delete the driver software for the device". Click Uninstall.


4. Download the driver from ailunce website and select the right one to install: https://www.ailunce.com/Support/HD1/Software


5. After installed well, we can get back to the device manager and click the scan to check the port com again.


6. After the driver install well, we can start to program the radio again.

If you meet the 8020 error message when programming other radios, you can can try to re-install the driver. Any questions, please feel free to leave message to us.

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