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How to debug the Antenna after installed?

How to debug the Antenna after installed?

After we complete , it needs to be debugged. The purpose of antenna debugging is to make the antenna system resonate at the transceiver frequency by trimming the length of the antenna element. Match the impedance of the antenna system with the transceiver impedance of the radio. Debugging generally uses standing wave meter, power meter or antenna analyzer.


Antenna(to be debugged), Radio (or transceiver), 50 ohm coaxial cable, Tester(SWR Meter/Pen)

Please connect the antenna, radio and SWR meter or other instruments as the above show, then we can begin to test. In addition, at least two people are required for antenna debugging. one is to prune the length of the antenna oscillator, and the other is in the radio room to transmit test signals and observe the changes on the display of SWR meter.

Principle of debugging

The curve about SWR and frequency of the half-wave dipole antenna around the resonance frequency is shown above. In other words, the frequency is the resonant frequency of the antenna when the SWR is minimum, also called the center frequency.


Therefore, when prune the length of the antenna oscillato, it is ok when the standing wave ratio becomes smaller and smaller at a certain center frequency.

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