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How to choose the right power supply for your radio?

How to choose the right power supply for your radio?

Power supply is the basic equipment for hams. especially for shortwave radio and mobile radio, the output voltage can affect the output power. So, it's very important to choose the suitable power supply. but, what aspects should we pay attention to when choosing a power source for our radio?

Input and output current and voltage range

Please select the right voltage standards for your radios, especially when purchasing imported power supplies. because voltage standards all over the world are not exactly the same. For example, China uses 220VAC, 50HZ, but the United States uses 110VAC, 60HZ. Then the output voltage is the voltage supplied to radios, so you need to refer to the required voltage of your radios to select. Generally, the best working voltage of the radio is 13.8V, so we can choose a fixed output of 13.8VDC or an adjustable one, such as a power supply with an output voltage of 0~15V within a specific range.

Power protection

Even very careful people will have their faults, so the necessary power protection measures are very important. Generally power supplies have similar short-circuit protection, electrode reverse protection and other measures to prevent equipment damage due to accidents.

Power status and fault protection indication

The power supply should have the necessary output voltage and current display functions to facilitate observation of whether the power output status is normal. A voltmeter, ammeter or digital meter can be used to display the voltage and current values in real time. In addition, the power output should preferably have over-voltage and over-current alarm reminders and protection functions to prevent the output voltage from exceeding the range of the radio power supply, and it can also protect the power supply itself during over-current output.

Strong anti-interference ability

The power cable should not be too long. The too long power cable not only increases the line voltage drop, but also electromagnetic waves easily cause interference around the cable. At the same time, it's better to use twisted-pair cables as much as possible for the power cable, and the two electrode cables cannot form a loop, thereby reducing the interference signal of electromagnetic waves.

In addition to choosing the right power supply, the proper use way, regular inspection and maintenance of the power supply are also very important. For example, turn on the power supply first, then turn on the power of the radio to prevent the instantaneous voltage of the power from damaging the radio, and so on.

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