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How to Achieve DMR Radio Private Call?

How to Achieve DMR Radio Private Call?

We know that DMR radios can achieve all call, group call and private call. How to achieve private call. There are several different methods. Here we can take the Ailunce HD1 as an example.

Ailunce HD1 has three methods to achieve private call.

First: Write the dmr id you want to call and press PTT directly.

Menu->Contacts->Manual Dial, Write the dmr id, press PTT directly.


Second: After write the dmr id, press the menu to confirm, then you can find the call alert. confirm again, you will send a Private call alert to the 4606001 radio. Then he can transmit back to you by press PTT directly. Note: use this method, you can't transmit to 4606001 directly, only need he confirm and transmit back.

Menu->Contacts->Manual Dial->Confirm->Call Alert. This is a very polite method, you can't transmit to the person directly, only can talk with him on the air after he confirm and transmit back.


Third: We can change the channel contacts to private contacts. then we only need to press PTT to transmit directly.

Menu->Band A/B Set->Contacts, Select the private contact you want to call, then save the setting.


You can learn more from this video.

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Good morning, but if I want to program a channel for a private call, what should I do? thank you. Valter

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