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How does the walkie-talkie work in emergency rescue operations?

How does the walkie-talkie work in emergency rescue operations?

How does the walkie-talkie work in emergency rescue operations?

The application of walkie-talkies in the field of emergency rescue is becoming more and more mature. For rescue fighters, walkie-talkies are not only a communication tool for them to keep in touch with the team, but also an important equipment for escorting them at critical moments. So how does the walkie-talkie work in actual rescue operations?


First, call for help at short range.

When traveling outdoors or out alone, if an emergency situation causes people to be unable to move, you can use the walkie-talkie to report safety to each other through the usual amateur frequencies, and learn the general situation of each local area to facilitate the mutual assistance of the nearest HAM.

Second, the temporary convening members.

We can convene temporary emergency communication services through the walkie talkie. As the saying goes, "Many people are more powerful", as is the case with amateur radio emergency communications. HAM gathers together to enable personal self-help communication to develop into an emergency communication for public service. Based on the handheld station, it cooperates with the mobile radio and repeater or HF transceiver to achieve expand communication distances, and provide communication support for some private voluntary disaster relief activities and teams.

Third, scan the channel for help.

When we are in distress, if we can't use the mobile phone, but there is no satellite phone at hand, then the walkie-talkie is your good communication tool. Walkie-talkies are not limited by base stations, and some walkie-talkies used by rescue teams and governments may be on adjacent channels.


In an emergency, what kind of walkie-talkie is more suitable?

1.Due to the harsh environment after the disaster, it is easy to encounter bad weather such as rain and snow, so the walkie-talkie used in this case is best to be sturdy and durable, waterproofand dustproof. Retevis and Ailunce have many waterproof radios, you can look it on the website. And if your current radio has not waterproof, it is better to have a waterproof bag.


2.The radio frequency range should be wide and continuously adjustable. If you are trapped in a distress, the wide-frequency amateur walkie-talkie can use the frequency scan function to search for nearby signals on the walkie-talkie and then urgently insert the call for help. The walkie-talkie with a wide working frequency is convenient to be used with other departments, and even the frequency of the professional rescue team can be quickly set and provided as a material support to the rescue team.


3.After the disaster, we usually encounter the problem of power shortage, which means that the walkie-talkie can not be easily charged anytime and anywhere, so the walkie-talkie itself requires low power consumption, large battery capacity, and long standby time.

4.The walkie-talkie preferably has a multi-level adjustable transmit power, so that we can use low-power transmission to reduce the consumption of power and win more talk and standby time while ensuring communication.

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