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How do you learn amateur radio?

How do you learn amateur radio?

How do you lean amateur radio?

This is a good question. Every ham will give you different answers. Belows are my opinions: 

1. First get your amateur radio license.  As we known that if you want to operate a amateur radio, you need to get your license, callsign and ID. So it is very necessary for all the stuff hams to pass the technician exam.  


2. Although passing the Technician exam, it’s not sufficient to become a proficient ham. During the prepartion for the examination, knowing and following the rules. Also learn some math formula itself like"Ohm’s law is simple: voltage = current * resistance". Also we will learn more knowledge on how to communicate on the air, the use of UHF,VHF,HF frequency. Something least you need to know as a amateur radio operator.


3. As others Some people go a step further, it’s a good idea to visit the meeting of a local amateur radio club, make the acquaintance of a ham or two, if you don’t know one already, one who is willing to help you. Keep him or her acquainted with your progress and ask him or her for advice. Take part in their activites, build antennas, Other DIYs.

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 4. Get an entry-level amateur radio.  While in the club, you will be gave some advice to buy a kind of amateur radio to begin your ham road. I think after this, your real education as a ham will begin. 


5. Register online forum to learn more knowledge from the hams all over the worldwide. Learn what they will do with amateur radio, or may communicate with them on the air, know how to build and connect antennas, operate equipment, and pass along our knowledge.

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You never stop learning as a ham, and nor should you.  It is important to amateur radio that hams keep it alive because it has a relevance and need to many people. 

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