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How Can I Use a Mobile Antenna on Ailunce HD1

How Can I Use a Mobile Antenna on Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 is a handheld radio. Sometime we may use it in the car, can it use a mobile antenna and what's antenna we can use?

First we know the HD1 antenna dual band SMA-F. We can find a mobile antenna with SMA-F connector.


If the mobile antenna is not SMA-F connector, we need to buy an adapter. For example mobile antenna MR100. MR100 Magnet mount & antenna for Mobile Car Radio. This connector is not suit for HD1, but after match a SL16 antenna adapter can use for Ailunce HD1.


Model : Retevis MR100

Frequency Range : 144/430MHz(136-174 MHz&400-470MHz)

Impedance: 50Ω 

Maximum Power: 70 W

Gain: 2.15/3.5dBi

Connector type: SL16/PL259

Coaxial cable type:RG58 C/U

Coaxial cable length:3.9m/12.79ft

Height(Magnet mount&Antenna):479mm/18.86in

Diameter of Chassis:90mm/3.54in

Weight(Magnet mount&Antenna):550g/1.21lb


Model: Ailunce SA97

Connector Type: SL16/ Female Jack to UHF SMA Female.

Feature: Reliable connection, good vibration resistance and stable performance.

Material: Copper. 

Plating: nickel.


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