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China Radio Amateur Weekly QSO Event

China Radio Amateur Weekly QSO Event

In my city, we will have a QSO event on the analog repeater every Friday. In order to promote the general radio laws and regulations, radio knowledge, and emergency communication knowledge, guide new enthusiasts to regulate communication.

In my country, there also will have a QSO event via digital repeater or MMDVM Hotspot  every Saturday. To promote hams communication from different provinces, on this digital activity, not only use DMR Radio, but also YSF, C4FM , P25 radio and Wires-X.

QSO on Analog repeater

Time: Every Friday 20:00-21:00 pm. 

Frequency: RX-439.4000Mhz TX-432.000Mhz.  CTCSS/DCS 118.8 

The event will begin from the master operator calling" CQ CQ CQ this is the every Friday Zhengzhou Analog QSO time, the repeater callsign is BR6JA, Receive frequency is 439.4000Mhz, Transmit frequency is 432.4000Mhz, Transmit CTCSS is 118.8. 

This is master operator BI6KSS, QTH: Nanyang Road, Zhengzhou. I am using Ailunce HD1 original antenna transmit on the 8 floors, the transmit power is 5W.

Next, please every ham report your callsign, QTH, equipment, transmit power, and antenna one by one.

QSO on Digital Repeater Repeater or MMDVM Hotspot 

The National radio amateurs (C4FM-P25-DMR)/MMDVM digital group conducts a nationwide roll-call QSO event every Saturday from 20:00-22:00:

 Wires-X system: 24166

Yasue Syetem: CN China 01

DMR Group Call: Brandmeister Group TG46001 

P25 system: 10404.

Please test the equipment signal in advance. Hope that all radio enthusiasts will listen and participate.

QSO content: 

Report your callsign, signal report, equipment, QTH, transmit power. 

Language: Chinese. 

If you also have a MMDVM Hotspot, welcome to join us QSO event every Saturday 20pm-22pm Beijing Time. 


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