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Ailunce Radio Wireless Bluetooth Kit Earpiece and PTT

Ailunce Radio Wireless Bluetooth Kit Earpiece and PTT

There are many radios in the markets without built-in Bluetooth. If we want to use the Bluetooth, we need to have a radio Bluetooth adapter. With it, we can use the wireless Bluetooth earpiece and wireless PTT, It is very convenient.

Retevis has a radio Bluetooth kit, It can let your radio achieve Bluetooth pairing through Bluetooth adapter with the Bluetooth earpiece and Bluetooth PTT. It can give you a better wireless experience. Here I will show you some information about the radio Bluetooth kit.


The radio Bluetooth kit includes:

1x Advanced Bluetooth headset

1x Radio Bluetooth adapter

1x Wireless Bluetooth PTT

1x Elastic Band

2x Silicone Ear caps

1x Charging Cable

1x User Manual

Product description

Walkie talkie Bluetooth headset

This product can adapt two devices at the same time. It is equipped with in bulit-in walkie-talkie dedicated wireless “PTT” button and environmental noise reduction function. It achieves simultaneous dual standby and radio priority calls when the Bluetooth headset is in a mobile phone call or multimedia audio playing mode. When the two way radio receives a signal, it enters the radio call state automatically. When radio call ends, it returns to multimedia mode automatically after 8 seconds.

When a Bluetooth headset is connected to a walkie-talkie and it needs to be connected with a mobile phone at the same time, please turn off the Bluetooth headset, pair the Bluetooth headset and the mobile phone. Then the Bluetooth headset connects with the mobile phone successfully. Restart the bluetooth headset. It will connect the walkie-talkie and the mobile phone automatically.



① Walkie talkie “PTT”button


② On/off button

Long press 2 seconds to turn on, then long press 2 seconds to turn off.

Long press 6 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing.

Press to pause and continue when you are listening to music.

Press to answer the phone call, then press again to end the call.


③Volume up button

Press the button to turn up the volume.

Long press 2 seconds to previous song

Volume down button

Press the button to turn down the volume

Long press 2 seconds to next song.

⑤Headset earphone

⑥USB charging port

⑦Indicator light

⑧More functions

Noise reduction: press power and volume - button simultaneously(②+④)

Language switching: press power and volume + button simultaneously.( ②+③)

Pairing elimination: press volume + and volume – button simultaneously.( ③+④),then you will hear two “dudu”beep, it indicates pairing eliminate successfully.



Walkie-talkie wireless adapter

Two way radio Bluetooth adapter pairing

1. On/off

Long press multi-function button for 2 seconds, blue light glints, power on. 

Then long press multi-function button for 3 seconds, red light glints, power off.

2. Pairing

When the Bluetooth adapter is turned off, long press the multi-function button for about 7 seconds to enter pairing status.(Red and blue light glint alternately.)

3. Put the wireless PTT key and the Bluetooth adapter together. Press the wireless ptt key’s button for about 1 second. The Bluetooth adapter’s red light disappear. It means the wireless PTT key is paired with Bluetooth adapter successfully.

4. Put the Bluetooth adapter and the Bluetooth headset together(both are red and blue lights glint alternately). Wait for about 40 seconds(first pairing). When their alternant red and lbue lights disappear and only blue light glints. It means the Bluetooth earpiece is paired and only blue light glints. It means the Bluetooth earpiece is paired with Bluetooth adapter successfully.

Indicator light

Blue light flashes slowly: power on, in standby mode.

Blue light flashes fast: the Bluetooth connection is interrupted, please check whether the Bluetooth earphone is turned on or has exceeded the Bluetooth connection distance.

Red light on: device is transmitting. When it is over, red light off.

Low battery tips: in standby mode, the red light flashes means low battery, please charge in time.


Install: insert the adapter into the radio port

Remove: unplug the adapter from the radio port.



If your radio connector doesn’t match the Bluetooth adapter. You can use a connector adapter. Like Ailunce HD1, it is moto GP328Plus connector, we can’t use the Bluetooth adapter, it is 2 pin kenwood connector. So we need an adapter transmit GP328Plus connector to kenwood connector. Please refer to the follow photo.


Wireless PTT key



Charging instructions:

This product uses mini USB charging port. It can be charged by standard DV5V power supply(computer’s USB port, power bank). When it is charging – red light on. If it is full charged – red light off.

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