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Ailunce HD1 latest firmware v1.60 and software v2.17

Ailunce HD1 latest firmware v1.60 and software v2.17

Some people always ask me that what's the current latest firmware and software of Ailunce HD1. When we have the new firmware and software, we will released it on the ailunce official website. and the retevis website also update synchronizes.

Up till today(17th. June 2019), the latest firmware is V1.60 and the software is V2.17.

You can download them from ailunce resource https://www.ailunce.com/Support/HD1/Software

What's the difference of firmware V1.60 and firmware V1.58?

V1.60 has adjust the GPS format, and now it is support to aprs with the hotspot. If you want to learn how to achieve aprs, please check this blog. https://www.ailunce.com/blog/Setting-up-DMR-APRS-on-Ailunce-HD1-DMR-Radio



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Jan de Beer

Yolanda zou u mij kunnen helpen om mijn Ailunce HD 1 portofoon met software versie : V1.4.9 up te graden naar een nieuwere versie, en een goede driver om hem aan te kunnen sluiten op de usb poort van mijn computer.

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Yolanda Author

You can download the firmware from ailunce website. then upgrade it directly. If you have any problems when upgrading, email support@ailunce.com.

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