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2019 CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest CW

2019 CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest CW

The first major competition in 2019 is CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest. 

CW is always the last full weekend of January.

2020: 2200Z Jan 24 - 2200Z Jan 26

2021: 2200Z Jan 29 - 2200Z Jan 31

2022: 2200Z Jan 28 - 2200Z Jan 30 

UTC Beijing time: January 25 22:00 to January 27 22:00

Frequency range

International QSO    (ITU)1 zone 1810-2000 kHz.

                               (ITU)2 zone and(ITU)3 zone 1800-2000 kHz.

Comply with domestic frequency limits and power limits. Any violation of ITU regulations may result in disqualification. 

Competition website: www.cq160.com

Competition rules: www.cq160.com/rules.htm

What is worth mentioning this year may added a new rule.  

For Single Operator Assisted Only: The use of one and only one remote receiver located within 100 kilometers of the

main transmitter site is permitted, in addition to the receiver at the transmitter site. WebSDRs are OK, but must be located

within the 100-kilometer limit. The rule is designed to accommodate new technology, and for those who experience

high noise levels at the transmitting site. Anyone found using a remote receiver outside the limit will be subject to disqualification.

I think this rule is very beneficial for the hams whose base station are near the city.  Although it is only received, it can solve a big problem. 

Wish every competitions get high scores. 

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