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Ailunce AY01 High Gain Aluminum Alloy UHF Yagi Antenna


Ailunce AY01 High Gain Aluminum Alloy UHF Yagi Antenna. It can greatly increase communication distance, improve communication quality. Suitable for radio enthusiasts, people with high requirements for wireless communication quality and distance.


Radio use the antenna to connect the remote repeater. Or we can use the antenna to expand the radio simplex communicate distance.


The AY01 is high gain with strong directionlity and strong anti-jamming. It is more useful to realize long distance communication. It can repeatedly assembly and disassenbly. Very simple.


1. Ailunce AY01
2. Frequency: UHF
3. Gain: 7 dBi
4. Max power: 50W
5. V.S.W.R: Less 1.2
6. Impedance: 50Ω
7. Connector: UHF Female
8. Length: 46cm

Best communication in the 430-440MHz band.

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