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Retevis RTC29 Multi Unit Charger Station Bank Charger for RT29 Ailunce HD1

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Multi Charger station for Ailunce HD1, Retevis RT29


1. The six-way charger can charge 6 sets walkie-talkie (or batteries) simultaneously

2. Can ensure the best charging effect, effectively extend the battery life

3. Replaceable fuses ensure safe and efficient charging

4. The charging LED can show the battery charging status and the full state

5. Suitable for Retevis RT29 HD1

6. Input voltage: AC 110-220V±10%

7. Output: DC7.4V 400mA

8. Size:370*242*114mm

9. Weight:2514g


Package Includes:

 1 x RTC29 Multi Charger

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